国内(日本)返品規則/Domestic (Japan) Return Policy



This policy covers courtesy returns and exchanges by customers in Japan only of products manufactured by ZimVie or Biomet 3i, LLC. Third party manufactured products sold and distributed by the ZimVie dental division are excluded from this policy. This policy does not address returns and exchanges in connection with product non-conformances discovered after product packaging is opened. Please contact Sales Representative or Customer Service to complete a Complaint Report Form in such circumstances.

返品規則/Return Policy



A purchaser may return any ZimVie product within 90 days of invoice date.

交換規則/Exchange Policy



ZimVie products may be exchanged within 365 days of the delivery notification date, without a re-stocking fee, for other ZimVie products within the same product family as determined by ZimVie (e.g., implant for implant, abutment for abutment, membrane for membrane, etc.), provided that if the replacement products are of greater value than the returned products, the purchaser will be charged the price differential. The value of a replacement product will be determined based on the following in order of priority: promotional discount applied to the purchase the returned item so long as the original promo code or pricing contract also covered the replacement product; or list price. Freight charges will apply to exchange product shipments.




Notwithstanding the foregoing, this policy shall not apply (1) to products purchased in connection with offers or promotions which specify “no returns” and/or “no exchanges”, and (2) in circumstances where customers purchase products under a written agreement with ZimVie which specifies different returns or exchange terms for products purchased subject to such written agreement.

全ての返品及び交換に適用される条件/Conditions Applicable to All Returns & Exchanges

返品又は交換されたジンヴィ社製品は全て、(1) 当初のパッケージ未開封の状態(高圧蒸気滅菌対応製品を含みます。)で、(2) 使用期限が徒過しておらず、かつ、現在提供されているジンヴィ社製品(使用期限が徒過した製品及び製造中止となった製品は除外します。)を、(3) ジンヴィ社のカスタマー・サービス部が発行したジンヴィ社返品受付番号と共に、送料元払いで、ジンヴィ・ジャパン合同会社ロジスティクス部宛に、(4) 上記期限内に返品部門に到着するよう返品しなければなりません。これらの基準を満たさないジンヴィ社製品については、返品又は交換を受け付けません。


All returned or exchanged ZimVie product must be (1) returned in its original, unopened package (including autoclavable product); (2) a non-expired and currently offered ZimVie product (expired and discontinued products are excluded); (3) returned freight prepaid to Logistics department, ZimVie Japan G.K.  accompanied by the ZimVie Return Authorization Number provided by ZimVie's Customer Service Department and (4) received by the Returns Department within the time frames specified above. ZimVie products not meeting these criteria will not be accepted for return or exchange.


返品製品及び交換製品のロット番号を確認し、本規則に定める期限が確実に遵守されるようにします。ジンヴィ社は、その独自の裁量により、(a) 本規則に定める期限内に購入された製品の代わりに、別のロット番号の製品が提供された場合には、返品又は交換をお断りし、また、(b) 濫用又は不正の疑いのある場合には、この返品サービス規則の適用を受けるお客様の資格を取り消す権利を留保するものとします。


Returned and exchanged product lot numbers will be checked to ensure compliance with the time limitations referenced in this policy. ZimVie reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to (a) decline any return or exchange if product with alternative lot numbers is provided in place of product purchased within the time limits herein, or (b) terminate the eligibility of any customer from this courtesy return policy in the event of suspected abuse or fraud.


* 本規則の例外は、カスタマー・サービス・マネジャー、グローバル・カスタマー・サービス・ディレクター又は正式な被指名者の許可のある場合に限り、認められるものとします。


*Exceptions to this policy may be authorized only by Customer Service Managers, Director of Global Customer Service or proper designee.